EnerSysCo GmbH is a pioneer integrator of industrial packages mainly used in the following majors;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Fossil Fuel Power Plants
  • New Energies

Distributed Control System

In this era of revolutionary technology, increase reliability, productivity and quality while minimizing the production cost, process control industries must be driven by integrated controllers with high distributed control capability.

EnerSysCo GmbH offers a Distributed Control System that is specially designed with redundancy and diagnostic capabilities to improve control reliability and performance. It is an automated control system which monitors and provides instructions to different part of a machine. It gives greater flexibility to control distributed discrete field devices and its operating stations.

The key advantage of this system is that it divides up the control tasks among multiple distributed systems; if any part of the system should fail, the plant could keep operating.

These distributed controllers are connected to both field devices and operating PCs through high speed communication networks.We can provide hardware and software engineering, factory tests, installation supervisory and also after sale services.