EnerSysCo GmbH is a pioneer integrator of industrial packages mainly used in the following majors;

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Fossil Fuel Power Plants
  • New Energies

Water Analysis Package


To identify the output quality in water and waste water treatment industries, online analysis of the output water is mandatory. Also during the process, many variables shall be analyzed on an online basis to find out the amount of the different chemicals to be injected in the media. Samples must be taken from locations that are representative of the water source, treatment plant, storage facilities, distribution network, points at which water is delivered to the consumer, and points of use. In selecting sampling points, each locality should be considered individually.

It is possible but not economical to use one single device for each component. It's much more efficient to

prepare a fully integrated package for all the above purposes.

EnerSysCo GmbH offers a solution containing a completely packaged system which takes an online sample of the process fluid and identifies all the chemical variables needed to be controlled and monitored.

The package can vary from a wall mounted cubicle to a fully equipped container due to limitations in the area for installation.

It can be used for urban water as well as industrial / process water.

Each  individual  equipment  in  the  package  will  be selected from the right manufacturer based on your needs. Integration can be witnessed in each phase.

It is possible to present design documents. Factory tests, installation supervisory and commissioning will be provided.

A vast range of after sale services will be offered for each package which can be customized by the client.